In A Strange Land – Ex Cathedra’s farewell concert to the Adrian Boult Hall

Leading UK choir and early music ensemble Ex Cathedra are renowned for delivering performances of authority, style and passion. On Thursday 26 May, they take to the Adrian Boult Hall stage for a spectacular choral send off. We spoke to Peter Tretheway, Ex Cathedra’s  General Manager, to get a flavour of what’s in store for this eagerly anticipated  concert…

Ex Cathedra Hereford Cathedral 2014 - credit Neil Pugh

Credit: Neil Pugh

What can we expect from this performance?

A mixture of exquisite English and New World choral music spanning 500 years, sung by Ex Cathedra’s highly-acclaimed consort of singers, conducted by Jeffrey Skidmore, OBE, Artistic Director of Early Music at Birmingham Conservatoire, and Artistic Director of Ex Cathedra.

Why should somebody who has never seen an early music ensemble before, buy a ticket to this concert?

Firstly, the outstanding quality of the singers and conductor! Ex Cathedra are widely renowned for their early music performances. In terms of the programme – the first half is more ‘traditional’ choral music, so it would be a good ‘way in’ for a new audience member, whereas the second half of the concert will be full of more unusual choral gems from South America, so the listener will immediately be ahead of the crowd having heard this music!

EC Consort in library rotunda - cropped credit Andrew Fox

Credit: Andrew Fox

How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? Why was this particular verse from Psalm 137 chosen for the theme of this concert?

Psalm 137, the hymn of captivity and longing for homeland and religious freedom, give this programme its title and its theme. The programme explores man’s personal search for heaven and earth in the New and the Old World in the world-changing and turbulent years of the 16th and 17th century.  The title verse seemed to most appropriately capture that theme.

Candlelight Shrewsbury 2015 - credit Roger Cable - smaller

Credit: Roger Cable

In A Strange Land With Ex Cathedra takes place on Thursday 20 May. Tickets are available here.

See here for a full programme listing.


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