Summer Chamber Music Celebrations

Chamber music is flourishing as never before at the Conservatoire and we are pleased to present a very special edition of the Conservatoire’s summer chamber music celebrations for City of Sounds.

Featuring all of Shostakovich’s String Quartets, performed by students and former students, we also welcome the Gildas QuartetSchubert Ensemble, Atéa Wind Quintet and Cassia Quartet.

12 June Schubert Ensemble by jack liebeck

The Schubert Ensemble – 14 June. Photo by Jack Liebeck

The festival provides a showcase for student ensembles from each department in the Conservatoire, as well as an opportunity to hear some of our superb Ensembles in Residence and teaching staff.

One of the highlights will be the performance of Shostakovich’s great Piano Trio performed by Oliver Willie, Alexander Baillie and Daniel Tong, three celebrated musicians who are currently playing a big role in the Conservatoire as teachers.

15 June Gildas Quartet

The Gildas Quartet – 15 June

This year the Strings students are taking on the challenge of presenting the cycle of 15 Quartets by Shostakovich. This is testimony to the breadth of talent and growth of experience in the arena of Chamber Music at the conservatoire in recent years. The experience of listening to the Shostakovich cycle of quartets is extraordinarily powerful, revealing as it does the inner life of one of the 20th century’s great musical geniuses, as well as one of its most tormented.

The dark side of these works is only part of the full spectrum of human experience they express, from childlike innocence, tenderness and playfulness to great exuberance and irrepressible energy. You are enthusiastically invited to come to as many concerts as you can fit in!

Festival events:


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